Custom Marvel Legends STAR LORD Guardians of the Galaxy 6

He's dashing, he's daring, he's thieving, it's Peter Jason Quill aka: Star Lord. Here I've gone all out creating a unique custom Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy movie Star Lord with light-up eyes. I used the normal Legends Infinite figure and hollowed out/resculpted the torso installing a clear neck post that channels the LED light up into the head that was modded with clear eye ports linking to the neck post. Depressing the button on his back make the eyes light up bright red like in the movie! Star Lord also features a complete hand painted, screen accurate costume from his armor down to his tiny boot buckles.

A set of human hands were added, all his accessories detailed, snap-on blaster effects, wired headphones/walkman, orb, and a detailed chest cannon included that came with Rocket Raccoon. I repainted the alternate head as well and modded it to fit the new neck and gave his masked head a complete paint detailing job. Throw in a flight stand base, the mysterious orb, and Star Lord is ready to take on any cosmic threat that comes his way.

A charity auction is being held for this figure where 100% of the proceeded go to the Special Olympics of Southern California, a great organization that helps intellectually challenged individuals. Head on over to my *Ebay Auctions* this week to see what's available.

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