Codename: Spy-Tech

”The Joe's communications expert/inventor Hi-Tech creates some pretty fantastic stuff but he's not the one to use it up close and personal against Cobra. That's where his best friend from the academy Spy-Tech comes in! This secret agent-in-training tests out all of Hi-Tech's crazy contraptions and finds a pratical use for every one of them. From plasma-pulse power gauntlets to magnetic jump-field boots, Spy-Tech is equipped for stealth or up close fighting, the latter of which he prefers. He can sneak up behind a Cobra Night Viper using his IR goggles and knock him out of the park, thanks to his friend's 'hi tech' ideas!”

Parts Used:

Head: Crimson Guard Fred
Body: Beach Head
Legs: General Hawk
Gauntlets/boots: DC Infinites Manhunter
Energy Flames: DC Universe Superman Red

Spy-Tech GI Joe

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