Custom Splatterhouse Rick Taylor Action Figure

When Rick dons the Terror Mask he turns into a rage-powered killing machine capable of dealing out incredible damage. He starred in all three Splatterhouse video games bashing and slashing a gory path through his equally gory adversaries. These games were so vile that my mom absolutely wouldn't let me play these as a kid!

To commemorate such a gore fest here's a custom made Rick figure. He's 6" tall and made from a movie incredible hulk, SOTA Dan feet, and a sculpted Terror Mask from Aves Apoxie Sculpt. I whipped up some Boreworms from an old spawn toy and gave him some weapons to hack away at them. All the paint work was done by hand and I have a quickie guide on how I do paint wipes to add shading and detail here.!

Splatterhouse Rick

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