The Amazing Spiderman custom figure with magnetic diorama

Basically the same recipe as my first blue Spiderman uses the upper body of a Shoot-n-Trap Spiderman with the arms and legs of a Spider Sense Spiderman. This time he gets three heads, a McFarlane cast head from CamcoKid Castings, comic style, and Peter Parker head which is the Infinite Crisis DC Direct Elongated Man. Still having magnets in his hands and feet I gave him an alleyway base with a metal fence he could stick to! The main part is a Young Justice Aqualad base with random fodder for detail, the fence made from a 3-tier desk organizer. I printed out a mini Daily Bugle and wanted poster to add to the alley scene. After a grimly paint job it was done!

Amazing Spiderman Figure

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