Custom 'Red vs Blue' Tex with Andy the bomb!

Man oh man, I've been getting email suggestion for Halo 3 customs and at least 50% of them say "Make the characters from the Red vs Blue Machinima!" If you're not familiar with Rooster Teeth and their series, then you really need to bone up on being a Halo fan. Microsoft even included some of their work in the Legendary edition of Halo 3! I've watched nearly every episode and laughed my ass off each time. Getting back to the point nearly every email was asking for Tex, the red-headed vixen of the series. So here she is!

Her head came from a 5" Spiderman 3 Black Cat (yes the one with the awful leaping cougar) and she's basically a repaint of the normal Spartan Mark VI. But ah, she comes with Andy the bomb! You see, the Red vs Blue has quite a bit of, eh, 'interesting' characters in it and one happened to be a talking sentient bomb. It was made from a Goblin Bomb and I painted a little eye in the middle because you know, Andy needs to look around. So there you go folks, the first Red vs Blue custom character!

Red vs Blue Tex