Custom GI Joe Space Case action figure

”Following his academy friends Countdown and Payload, Space Case breaks through the atmosphere to help keep watch against orbital attacks from Cobra. Nicknamed for his wild ideas and interesting personality, Space Case runs one of the most advanced orbital detection stations created. His satellite system monitors real time troop movements and helps the Joes with strategic advances on the ground during battle. Cracking jokes and flinging witty remarks isn't his only talent, Space Case is an expert marksman in zero gravity and would love to get in on the action...if Cobra ever decides to make the trip to see him!”

Parts Used:

Head: Broken Arrow Toys headcast
Body: Serpentor
Helmet/Hands: Kubrick Aliens Dallas
Legs: Comic 2-pack Resolute Destro
Shoulderpads: Star Wars 3-pack Mandalore

Space Case

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