Custom Generations Soundwave Transformers Figure

Wow, I've been wanting to do this ever since I saw the Reveal the Shield Perceptor mold. It uses Perceptor and a WFC Soundwave. You need to lop off both the neck and head peg, then install a tiny ball joint for his neck. Then saw the shoulder cannon in half and the same with Perc's roof cannon. Glue them together and it still flips over to form the lights. The gun can be stored up in the vehicle and fits in Perc's hand perfectly. I painted him using Tamiya TS-19 Brilliant Blue and various Testors/Formula P3 paints. His chest window even flips down Soundwave style, it was perfect! Now I have a modern style Soundwave that still has a G1 feel to it. I used that Tamiya [For Plastics] lacquer for his base blue. Dries FAST and smooth. I recommend it over Krylon any day now. Only thing is it's $5-$6 a can and you only get a third of the amount in a normal spraypaint can.


Generations Soundwave

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