Custom Soundwave and Laserbeak Transformers Figures

I have been waiting to do a G1 style Soundwave for quite a while since he's been requested time and time again but never found the proper mold...until now. Enter Revenge of the Fallen Mindwipe. The alt mode resembled the Cybertron Soundwave stealth bomber mode and then I noticed his chest even opened like the G1 Soundwave cassette player!

First the knives were carved free from his hands and attached to the feet to make the cockpit whole again. The hands were reshaped and flipped over, arms taken apart and spun around for a different look. His wings were then disassembled and the gimmicks removed so they could fold all the way inwards on both hinges. Mindwipe's knees were modded so he could stand straight an the chicken-leg sections glued tight and filled in to form a solid shin. Finally the inner chest was modded so that the back flap behind Mindwipe's head was folded down over the chest and Cybertron Soundwave's head was added.

But wait, what's Soundwave without Laserbeak? Skystalker was the companion piece to Mindwipe so I took the little guy apart and removed his clunky feet and hands. His thighs were attached to the main wings and his axes now became Laserbeak's feet, attaching on the wrists. His wings were modded and now he looks more bird-like in appearance, able to perch and fold his wings back like a hawk. After painting Soundwave it looks like he has a large version of his face painted on top of the bomber body, an unexpected touch that I got a kick out of! Laserbeak covers it up if you attach him on the alt mode via the peg holes but it was so cool I decided to leave it.

Soundwave Laserbeak

Here's a few more images that didn't fit in to the strip.

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