Custom Solomon Grundy DC Universe BAF action figure

Solomon Grundy born on a monday.... This behemoth is one of the most powerful characters in all of DC with a might that has rivaled Superman's at times and a physique on par with Marvel's Hulk. That's probably why I chose the Marvel Select Hulk as the body base. Grundy's head came from a Gamma Strike Hulk with Aves Fixit Sculpted hair and chin, and the jacket from a 12" RoC Cobra Commander tailored to fit then tattered. Grundy's boots were sculpted over the feet using Aves Apoxie sculpt with real laces and he was given a rope belt. Various shades of grey were used for his flesh and a mucky wash detailing covers makes it appear he has just walked from the swamp. He follows the same BAF style as my Clayface for a larger DC Universe figure.

Solomon Grundy

Grundy Figure

Custom Solomon Grundy

Solomon grundy BAF

DC universe figure

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