Custom Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid 1 (Sigma 6 style)

Solid Snake is perhaps the coolest spy/commando of all videogame time according to the fans out there. I love the character, tho not too fond of the 'old man' version. So I whipped up a Solid Snake as he appeared in Metal Gear Solid 1 for my 'Video Game Allstars' line. (sound like a good name for the line?) SS was made from a Snake Eyes Sigma 6 GI Joe body, Sigma Strike Duke head, and a lot of fixit/apoxie sculpt for his uniform and pads. Some of his straps are AS and some are actual kevlar cord.

There's buckles, pouches, and he even has those trademark bandana tails! I found some dogtags for him, a Sigma 6 gun or two, a grenade, and something else... I create a working motion-detection anti-personally mine that magnetically attaches to stuff! It has a little sensor in it what when you snap it against the metal object or touch the mine, it starts flashing red and yellow for about ten seconds. There's no ka-boom at the end, that would be just too dangerous! But you can stick it on your fridge and it'll go off every time someone sneaks a midnight snack.

SS was painted with Testors Savage blue, dark gray, wolves gray for the lighter knee/elbow pads, and given my new 'damp paint-wipe technique' that I'll have to explain later. It's basically doing a wash with black and then using a damp cloth to wipe away the paint in one direction, then letting it dry and doing it again. This gives an almost-airbrushed effect of grime and tone to the color and it works with just about any color, not just black. I'm sure this isn't a new technique but I found that using a damp cloth and letting the wipe dry inbetween was the secret. Solid Snake will be showing up in an upcoming Playstation the Official Magazine issue so keep an eye out!

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Custom Solid Snake

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