GI Joe Zombie Soldier, eeeeew!

”We don't say the zed-word, just don't. Yet against all things natural 'zombies' now exist courtesy of the Red Skull. The madman has the ability to re-animate the corpses of fallen soldiers and outfit them with razor sharp claws, dumping them into battle as a renewable combat resource. These abominations keep on coming even after you've blown the legs out from under them and have a hunger for human flesh. The only way to stop them is yes, decapitation or blowing through the chest-core that some how regulates their life force. Sometimes they just lie in wait under the debris, reaching up and dragging a soldier down to his death. So now we don't joke about those zombie movies... because we're in one!”

The creepy Zombie Soldier has probably shown up in tons of movies and cartoons, now he's crawling his way in to the GI Joe universe. He was made from:

Body: AoD Deadite
Hands: Titanium Cylon Warrior
Left Leg: SW Assassin Droid

Zombie Soldier

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