Custom Snifit from Super Mario Bros 2

They stalk the plains of dreamwold Subcon taking aim at plumbers and innocent folk with their frightening masks. Every step of their weighted boots brings these orange nightmares closer to Wart's ultimate goal. It's Snifit from the world of Super Mario like you've never seen him before!

Snifit was made from a DCU Desaad body like his counterpart Shy Guy was, cowl from a ML Moon Knight cape, and custom sculpted face mask. His regular, gas mask, and flame thrower barrels are magnetic and can be swapped out on his mask. His boots came from a DCU Mr Freeze and lil t-rex type hands from a Spawn bendy demon. He has a jar of eyeballs (ammo? LOL) and a scythe hanging from his belt. What's under the hood? You'll have to wait to find out!

Custom Snifit Figure

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