Custom GI Joe Alterverse Snakeman from Megaman

"A new wave of Repliod warriors attacked the P.I.T. recently. At first we thought this fellow was one of Cobra's members the way he was dressed, snake themes stick out like a sore thumb. But his incredible striking speed and strength made it clear he was one of Wily's creations. Fortunately we had Rock and his new friend Zero to combat this scaly fellow and send him slithering away. A piece of his tail was left behind in the battle and is being studied by Hi-Tech. Perhaps it will shed some light on the Repliod's construction."

This figure was made from:

Head: Beachhead
Body: RoC Shipwreck
Legs: DVD Snake Eyes
Helmet: Serpentor
Kneepads: Halo ODST
Tail: Spawn Creech tentacle
Claws: 2pack Storm Shadow


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