Snake He-Man original custom concept MOTUC action figure

Oh no what's this, has King Hsss turned He-Man into one of Hordak's Snakemen or is it just a twisted clone He-Man from the Fright Zone? Either way Snake He-Man has all the power and skills of the real He-Man making him a danger to all of Eternia. Wielding a Venomous Power Sword the scaly Snake He-Man will not rest until his coils are wrapped around Grayskull's throne.

Snake He-Man was made using a Calwful upper body, King Hsss head, He-Man hair/forearms, Skeletor hands, and the lower body of a Spawn Sansker. Weights were added to the hollow lower body section to maintain a better center of gravity for posing. A Horde symbol from Karak Nul's casting was added to the original He-Man chest vest and a 2-pack Skeletor power sword was given a clear green paint on the blade. If you look very close the 200X waist armor has the original yin-yangish symbols on it repainted into tiny snake heads! Hissss..

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