Snake Eyes in A.R.C.S. (Armored Robotic Combat Suit)

"Mecha and power suits used to be a thing of the future, that is until the future came to the Joes. Doctor Light helped develop a new line of prototype combat suits for the Joes to help them combat Wily's repliod forces. Now, Snake Eyes has suited up in a stealthy combat suit that was specifically designed to accentuate his ninja skills and techniques. Fast, amazingly strong, and agile as ever, Snake Eyes can rip into Cobra's robotic forces with his bare hands!"

This figure was made from:

Head: 5-pack Snake Eyes
Body: Revoltech #020 Patlabor Griffon
Upper arms/lower legs: Revoltech #021 GR-2
Hands: Revoltech #040 Helldiver
Lower Revoltech #041 Brocken Labor
Feet: Revoltech, any EVA unit

Snake Eyes

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