Custom Sigma "Marvel legends style" figure from Megaman X

Not wanting to wait for the D-Arts Sigma here's my take on a 'Marvel Legends' style Sigma from Megaman X. He's in scale and design-wise to my X and Zero I made last year and stands a good 8 1/2" tall! He was made from a DC Direct Parademon body, DCD Powersuit Lex Luthor hands/lower legs, Orange Lantern Luthor modded head, and a Magneto/Mr Sinister cape combo. Sigma's plasma saber is removable and I'm making an energy blast or two for him as well. Various glass gems/reflective metallic domes were also used for his ports so that they shine in the light. The wired cloth waistband is removable and Sigma's beam saber was made from a clear acrylic rod. Now Sigma is ready to take on Megaman X and Zero!

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Sigma Megaman X

Sigma action figure

D-arts Sigma

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