Custom Transformers Shockwave Movie Figure with Removable Weapon Types

A while ago David Willis tipped me off to the Energon Shockblast and I realized it needed a whole new arm instead of that bulky thing attached to it. After I finished the custom was so well received that TFmaster (God rest his soul) asked me to post it on Transtopia and thus introduced me to the custom Transformers boards I post at now. For this new Shockwave I used the same Energon Shockblast body of the last one because it's such a perfect form for him. His new arms were taken from Classics Prime and altered with rare earth magnets in the wrists and shoulders.

Shock features a ton of removable weaponry! The claw-cannon was obviously from a Movie Starscream. The clear red G1 laser hand, shoulder cannons, side shields, silver modern gun hand, and cannon base came from a Wal Mart brand 'Kid Connection' MARS action figure set I picked up at Wal Mart (look in the generic toy gift isle). The Gatling gun was from a Megamorphs Hulk I had left over from making a MvC2 Sentinel. I rigged a light-up system that runs along the wire and can be plugged in to the G1 laser hand, modern gun hand, and the laser array when he's in Space Cannon mode. Yep, he transforms into a giant Space Cannon complete with rotating base and pivoting action. Basic repainting was done with a nice glazing afterwards to bring all the shading and highlights together. What I didn't realize is that the orange chest and weapons makes him look EXACTLY like the Action Masters Shockwave pvc figure of old! I knew the orange looked good there for some reason but didn't know why. Google 'action master shockwave' and you'll see the uncanny resemblance.

Custom Shockwave

Custom Transformers Shockwave Figure

Custom Action Figure

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