Custom 'G1 Style' Shockwave

Here's Shockwave done in true 'G1' fashion, with a laser-pistol mode! The last two I made had a green or orange chest and turned into space cannons, etc. This time fans were writing for me to create a G1 version with the all-purple chest/hands that turned into the laser pistol with the wide barrel. Done and done! Shockwave's body is the Energon Shockblast figure with arms from an Energon Barricade. I kept his original shoulders and used the other shoulder from the first Shockblast I took apart, just needed to resculpt the screw hole is all. The wide barrel is part of Barricade's legs that turned into the missile launcher on the back of his vehicle mode. That's a lotta purple on him, never realized that before until now, wow.

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