Custom Dark of the Moon Shockwave action figure

I heard people wanted a Shockwave with a yellow eye and the gun on the left hand but decided to go even further than that. He now has a ball jointed neck, ball jointed wrists, a G1 style smaller arm cannon, Cybertanium scimitar attachment, and swappable forearms/eye color so you can switch between G1 and Bayverse looks. I also added new articulated shoulder pads from a Megablocks Halo EVA kit to add some bulk to him. Shockwave's tank mode was redesigned with an articulated central turret base and new front end, removing the 'training wheels' and giving it a more solid look. A new longer hose came from a Spawn Desiccator, the tank end from an Armored Core figure.

Now it's time to paint this beast. I used Testors One Coat Lacquer Purple-Licious which is a metallic. It works WONDERFULLY! Exactly like Tamiya Lacquers, it goes on super smooth, covers any basecoat color, doesn't make pvc sticky (as far as I can tell) and dries in less than a half hour. I also used Tamiya lacquer gunmetal and silver leaf, then detailed with testors gunmetal, mithril silver, quicksilver, Boltgun metal, copper, brass, bronze, and whatever else I could fit in there. Every edge of Shockwave's mold has been given a metallic scrape/scuff then polished into the finish. Oil splatters, dust/debris specks, and scrapes, and blast marks were added. WHEW. may want to keep an eye on this page for the next couple of days. Something big may be surfacing..

DOTM Shockwave

Shockwave Transformers

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