Custom Transformers Shockwave (Shockblast) G1 Style Figure

I have to thank David Willis (Creator of Shortpacked and It's Walky!) for giving me the inspiration to redesign the Energon Shockblast and create my VERY FIRST Transformers custom! I had what you call 'buyers remorse' after purchasing him last year, that huge arm he came with had no articulation at all and the color scheme really bugged me. Shockblast just sat on my shelf until the other day when I was posting on David's forums, reading how other people (especially David) really liked him. So I took him down, dusted him off, and got to work.

I used a basic Energon Shockblast, the gun accessory from the Hurricane Bird Microman (Magne Power series), a hose from the ML Apocalypse, and the shoulders/arms from an Energon Landmine I grabbed on clearance. Let me tell you I have never had so much trouble with a custom such as this one! I must of taken him apart eight times and tried to refit his feet or legs, only to find out each peg was just slightly a different shape. Well a bunch of Apoxie Sculpt and paint later, he was finished. As us Transformers fans know, you always pay homage to the G1 designs and I tried to do that here. You'll notice he has a 'grill' in his chest, the connecting hose (which swivels in all directions) on the gun, and the gun barrel itself that lends itself to the elongated look of the G1 design. He does have a gun-mode which I'm working on the extra pieces now and will have finished when the paint hardens completely. I hope I make the fans proud with this one.

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