G1 Transformers Shockwave (Shiny n' airbrushed!)

It's Shockwave! Again! But this time he's all airbrushed and shiny. A lot of you wrote in asking for him but done so he'd match your newer Transformers customs that were clean and glossy. Personally I'm a fan of the matte, weathered look with grease drips, splatter, etc. Probably why I love the 'Bayformers' designs so much, they're all gritty and realistic. There's just something about airbrushing that doesn't appeal to me, feels like cheating, not spending hours doing every tiny line and effect with your brush maybe.

Shockwave's alt mode is yet again a giant space-laser-death-turret-cannon thing and you can attach the removable weaponry to him in robot mode too. He comes with a suspiciously familiar black arm cannon and two jet-gray missile launchers that peg on him too. Hmmm, wonder where he picked those up?


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