"End of the Road" post-apocalyptic Transformers Shockwave custom

"When all is said and done, when the years pass by with no change in seasons... and the only sounds echoing in the once thriving cities are that of machines, you know you've reached the End of the Road. With humanity near extinction the fight between Autobot and Decepticon still rages on across the irradiated wastelands of a dying Earth."

Shockwave joints the End of the Road post-apocalyptic Transformers theme with his cold and calculating demeanor inside an H-tank form for maximum destruction. Created from a deluxe Generations Warpath he has four C-clip weapons and a larger Gatling hand cannon that can be attached at different ports including his shoulders where there use to be static weapons. Shockwave's chest replaces the original turret and he has various hoses/spikes/battle damage added. A worn and weathered sponge detailing gives him the look of an aged battle machine with various bullet holes added to complete the look. Now Bumblebee has someone to fight!

custom Shockwave figure
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