Custom Trask Industries Sentinel Marvel Legends Figure

The Sentinels come in all shapes and sizes hunting down Mutants wherever they find them and Trask Industries is proud to announce their newest model. Compact and efficient this custom 6" Legends size Sentinel figure can be deployed to a location for Mutant removal or posted by a residence for protection. This particular model takes the color scheme from the new Days of Future Past movie Sentinels and combines it with a classic look. It was made from an Iron Man legends Ultron body, Bleeding edge lower arms, Klaw head, and DCD Cyborg lower legs. Aves Apoxie sculpt was used to add design details. Wrapped up in a semigloss armored shell this Sentinel has any mutant hunting task covered from Legends, Universe, or tiny Heroics scale. Place an order for a squadron today with Trask Industries!

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