Custom Marvel Legends/Universe BAF style Sentinel figure

Deadly robotic hunters, the Sentinels roam their sectors searching for mutants to eliminate. Never before have the X-men fought such an unstoppable army and today I have one created for either your Marvel Legends or Marvel Universe collection. The Sentinel was created using a deluxe DC Collectibles Lex Luthor Power Suit and modded Heroclix Sentinel head. Sections of the suit were modded to allow for more articulation such as the waist, arms, and sculpt was added for certain details. The Sentinel was wrapped up with airbrushed shading and highlights sealed with a mix of 50/50 Liquitex matte and satin sealer. Sentinels come in all sizes these days so he scales well with both Marvel Legends and Marvel Universe figures as a medium-build Sentinel.

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