Sector 7 'Mystery Crate'

From time to time I'll make nifty 'bonus' items for my customers and include it right before an auction ends. Well here's a crate full of the goodies! I have a few of those Marvel Figure Factory crates laying around and realized they're the perfect scale for action figure props. Inside could be anything, this time I made two pieces of battle debris, Sam's Grandfather's glasses, a Smallspark, and my first AllSpark-created minibot. The hand drbris is a Sentinel hand with modified wires and such coming out of the back. Brawl's leg section is from a Mecha Hulk with extra pistons sticking out. Sam's Grandpappy's glasses were retooled Doc Ock glasses. The Camerabot was made from an old ToyBiz Peter Parker camera accessory, some Gundam pieces, the tips of... Doc Ock claw parts (had to work those in there somewhere) and legs made from Batarang pieces. He even has a little shoulder turret that aims too! And of course it has my Smallspark cube.