Custom Samurai Armor Iron Man Figure!

"Stark Industries is pleased to present its next in the line of functional armors. Wether you're fighting off Mongol hoards or dealing with pesky Ninja, the Samurai Iron Man suit is prepared for the task!" After seeing so many incarnations of Iron Man I had to tackle the Samurai armor one. But I didn't want to go the green/black/chrome route. Instead I stuck with the original colors but mixed them up a bit with black and silver as well.

Samurai IM was made from a Movies Masters Dark Knight Batman body and head/hands/feet from the Face Off Iron Man. His armor is rearranged a McFarlane Halo 3 Brute Chieftan armor, wrist claws from a House of M Wolverine flight pack, and the back guards from a Sigma 6 Samurai Snake Eyes. Combine them all together and he's ready for some feudal action!

Samurai Iron Man