Custom Marvel Legends Sabertooth action figure!

This Sabertooth is part of my personal collection and was made from the older rubber-faced classics Venom body, DC Universe Demon head for a true to form 'snarling' face, Demon hands, then carved down the pointy toes. I also took the time and sanded his ENTIRE body, resculpting parts especially the forearms. I see a lot of customs using this Venom body but the sculpt is just too pitted/oozy for most characters and those bulbous forearms are just sad. Remember, you need to put that extra effort in to have people separate your work from a quick repaint and a well executed custom.

The mane, hair, and elbow fins were sculpted with Aves apoxie sculpt. He has the same sprite-hairstyle as Gambit too since it was such a big hit with fans last time around and now they match! Looks just like the SOTA hairstyle sculpt. I forgot how much I hate sculpting, yeesh. That mane was insane to sculpt each individual strand and the hair was just as bad, having to roll out each individual one. But in the end it was worth it, having a truly scary looking Sabertooth to pit against Gambit!


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