Custom Shattered Glass Wreck-Gar Transformers

"A high decorated, brilliant battlefield tactician, General Wreck-Gar served in the 2nd Armored Alliance Division until a skirmish with the evil Optimus Prime all but annihilated his team and left him near death. After the battle Wreck-Gar rebuilt his body from the pieces of his perished comrades and swore to track down the Autobots for their atrocities. Now with the ghostly sparks of his fallen, fellow soldiers coursing through his body, Wreck-Gar has been assigned new team with the same mission, to stop the Autobots at any cost!"

Here's my take on Shattered Glass Wreck-Gar. He was made from the basic RTS Wreck Gar with his pinwheel-axe modified into a blaster, shoulder cannon, forearm gun, and a missile added. All the parts store on his vehicle mode and his facial hair was tapered to run down his chin, shortening horns into turn-signals as well. My favorite part was painting the strips of tiny medals that run along his chest, just like a real military general would have.

Shattered Glass Wreck-Gar

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