Mercenary 'Rocksteady' GI Joe 25th Anniversary Custom Figure

"Rocksteady's arms are the first thing that instantly draws attention. However they're not the most dangerous thing about him, his temper is. Once a decorated Marine, Rocksteady lost the use of his arms on a mission where a command vehicle had overturned on a fellow soldier. Using all of his strength to lift it up just enough so that the soldier could free himself his muscles and tendons were torn beyond repair. Afterwards Rocksteady was approached by ARBCO agents who offered him a new lease on life, so long as he played by their rules. Now this hot-headed Merc uses his new limbs to aid whoever pays the most, usually ARBCO! "

Rocksteady was made from a Wild Bill head, Shipwreck body, BAT arms, Indiana Jones Mutt jacket, Beach Head thighs, and Cobra Viper legs.