Custom 1:18 GI Joe/Marvel Universe scaled Robocop

A while ago Kotobukiya came out with blind-boxed Robocop figures. They were 5 pieces that snapped together and only had basic swivel articulation where they connected. This one is 1:18 scale and it was time I put some joints into him! Using a series of Star Wars droids and GI Joe knees/elbows I was able to give him ball jointed articulation in his neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and ankles complete with rockers. An Extremis MU Iron Man's hand was the perfect replacement for his gun-hand and I added a removable data spike. There was also a Robocop with Flight Pack so that pack was modded to fit this figure as well. Dead or alive, Cobra is coming with him!

Custom 1:18 Robocop

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