Custom ROBO-JOE 25th Anniversary Action Figure

"Greg Scott—a scientific engineering genius—was working in his laboratory one night on top-secret plans for Robotic Battle Armor suits needed to fight Cobra in space. Suddenly the lab was raided by DESTRO who managed to capture some of the plans and fatally wound the young inventor—leaving him a shattered shell of a man. G.I. Joe scientists used the remaining plans to rebuild his broken body, and ROBO-J.O.E. was born with a permanently integrated bio-armor space suit linked with silicon wires, computer chips, and muscle tissue! Now this powerful half-man/half-robot fights along side his Star Brigade teammates seeking justice and revenge on Destro. He doesn't design Robotic Battle Armor anymore; he IS it!"

Parts used:

Head: Modded 21st Century head
Body: TMNT Fast Forward Serling
Arms: Iron Man movie Iron Monger
Gatling Gun: Spawn Interlink
Missile Launcher: Armored Core


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