Custom Steampunk Robin (Batman Comics) DC universe figure

"Electricity coursed through the young man's staff as he took on a group of Joker's clockwork clowns. Gears shattered, iron twisted with a frightful screech, and after the chaos died down I watched as a Robin soared back into the heavens on golden wings."

Continuing with my Steampunk DC line I introduce to you Batman's skilled protege, Robin. This custom Steampunk Robin was created using the upper body of a Marvel legends Walmart series Bucky, lower half of an X2 movie Cyclops, Coleman Stryker hands, Peter Parker head, and various fodder armor/parts/pouches. Real metal gears, leather belts, and brass fittings were used in Robin's creation and Redakai Harrier wings were attached to poseable sections that can be removed from his power pack. His Tesla staff was created from different Spawn/GI Joe parts and given crackling blue electrical parts that matched his armor. Now Robin is ready to join Batman in Gothaven for a Steampunk adventure!

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Steampunk Robin

Custom Steampunk

Custom Batman Figure


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