Custom Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Ripclaw action figure

This Transformers Prime custom Beast Hunters Ripclaw features two easy to do mods and one not so easy to do. Her neck mod involves buying a set of the double ball joints from Big Bad Toy Store and removing her old one, drilling down into the neck piece so you can glue in the ball cup. The other ball post end snaps perfectly in her head socket. For her ball-jointed elbows I used TF Movie Depthchage's elbows, cutting the originals off at the red swivel peg and drilling into that to mount the gold ball cups. While Ripclaw's bio mentions the character is a 'She' there's still argument in the Transformers fandom. Here I went to put an end to that buy sculpting a brand new chest plate to show off her new assets. They don't get in the way of her Transformation and with the additional mods she can look in any direction and put her claws on her hips! Some panel lining, shading, and recoloring of her head and this shapely fembot dragon was ready for battle.

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