Zombie Attack! Rick Slayer

"Rick was just your ordinary guy, posting on internet image boards and twittering with friends. His friends laughed when he talked about preparing for the 'zombie invasion'. Well they're not laughing now...they're all zombies. In these darks days heroes aren't born from years of special ops training, they're made in moments with motorcycle leathers and a cheap can of black spray paint. Rick 'Slayer' now travels the roads searching for survivors and taking out any shambling, rotting abomination he can find. And right now the world needs every hero it can get."

This figure was made from:

Helmet: Broken Arrow Toys cast
Body: Special Ops Wolverine origins
Biceps/thighs: Deadpool, wolvie origins
Right forearm: Barbecue
Left forearm: Mutt
Lower legs: Zartan


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