Custom GI Joe Universe Red Skull

”Once WWII was over we thought the Spear of Destiny had been lost for good. Its power was just too great for one man to wield and although Cobra searched far and wide they never retrieved it. Then along came the Red Skull, the Fuhrer's top scientist. This 'man' if you can call him that was reanimated by the Spear's power a long time ago and has spent every waking hour trying to track it back down after the war had ended. He is not quite living and yet not quite dead, equipped with the technology to reanimate the corpses of perished soldiers into walking abominations. Now the Red Skull has found the map that will lead him to the Spear and with , will try and raise armies of the dead to take over the world. If Cobra had any sense they'd try to stop him too!”

This Red Skull is the first Marvel/GI Joe 'crossover' figure I've done where the character is created in a whole new style rather than just scaled down. The helmet was made from a Bomberman accessory and magnetically attaches. He was made from:

Head: Montezuma's Skeleton
Body: Barbecue
Forearms/hands: SW EVO Trooper

Red Skull

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