Custom GI Joe 'Red Laser' figure!

It's the Red Laser! Believe it or not he's actually a GI Joe character from way, way back. When GI Joe first toys hit Europe they needed a less Amaerican name so they changed it to 'Action Force'. Cobra became the 'Red Shadows' and the line continued under those names. Red Laser here was Baron Ironblood's lackey who saved him in a key issue using 'primative laser technology'. Well I upgraded that laser tech and here he is!

Red Laser was made from a Cobra Commander head/lower arms/upper legs, Cobra trooper helmet (cause it has the cool little 'v' shape in the middle), Crimson Guard body/lower legs, and various random parts to form his laser gauntlet and backpack.

The original figure was just a straight repaint of Cobra Commander and while I like the colors and design, I needed to give him my own special touches to bring him into the 21st Century!

Red Laser