Red Hulk from upcoming comic Hulk #1, January 2008


But who is he? What is he? Is he the real Hulk or a clone? Marvel comics recently released a teaser image of a red Hulk that will be showing up in their 'Hulk #1' comic releasing January 2008. That means we have to wait three months to find anything out! Until then I give you the custom of 'Red Hulk', created from a Planet Hulk body and Movie Hulk head. The Akuma-ish hair, veins, and ragged pants sections were sculpted with Fixit, which I'm finding is sticking to my figures better than Apoxie Sculpt these days.

I based it off of the teaser pic shown below:

Since only a select few know who this charcter is, don't go emailing me asking me for details. I really don't know and just liked the design so much I wanted to make a custom of it. Reminds me of Akuma for some reason. Must be the hair and eyes so I think I'll whip him up a bead necklace and corded belt for laughs soon!