Red Lantern Corps "Rawlk"

Incarcerated on his homeworld for a crime he did not commit, Rawlk was experimented upon by the ruling powers there in hopes to create the ultimate soldier. He was given regenerative properties that kept him alive as all his family and friends perished of old age. Instead of creating a soldier, they created a monster powered by decades of anger towards his captors.

This Red Lantern Corps member was made from a DCU Steppenwolf body, Aquaman forearms, SIC Kamen Rider hands, Resistance 2 Chimera head, and DCU Nite-Lik's collar. The energy mace was made from an acrylic star, drink stirrer, and the end of a comic Iron man's foot blast effect. His spikes and armor were done in a metallic red by basecoating them silver then using Tamiya clear red over that.

Custom Red Lantern Figure

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