Custom Communications Officer Soundwave

Communications Soundwave was made from a DotM Ratchet, WFC Soundwave head, hands, chest, speakers, and weapons. I carved out the back of Ratchet's knees so he could stand up straight, removed the claws and added fists, removed plastic so the shoulder wheels could fold over further, and carved out plastic above the waist so the bumper could fold down and lock. The WFC chest attaches in the gap where the bumper folds down and the speakers cover the wheels like caps. I made an antenna/light fixture for the roof and you can store parts inside/under the vehicle when transformed. I added a handle and clip to the back of the antenna so it forms a rifle for Soundwave just in case he needs even more weaponry. Tamiya Brilliant Blue Spray Lacquer was the basecoat and everything else is hand painted with some warning decals applied. I did edge-shaded-highlights where only straight edged are lightened colors (kinda like cell shading?) and only for the robot mode. It just so happens the hummer's front lights look like a tape cassette showing through the chest, bonus!


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