Custom Ratchet Transformers Movie Repaint

My second Transformers Voyager class custom/repaint, Ratchet needed a lot of work! The poor guy was missing all his black trim, lights, hinge and panel details, so of course I had to oblige! I picked up a Transformers 2008 Calendar which has great, movie-accurate renders of the characters and shows every tiny detail. I had to repaint the outer legs especially and the arms black, then drybrushing the silver. Oh, Ratchet had screw-holes in his shoulders, ack! I mixed up some Apoxie Sculpt yellow with a little green and -almost- dead-on matched the shade of his plastic. I suspect with darker green next time it'll work as the AS lightened up a tad while curing. However it's much better than the gaping holes in my opinion. His Buzzsaws are made from... buzzsaws! No really, they're those hard to find dremel attachments they don't make anymore. I scored them from an out of the way hobby shop and set up an attachment to his arm so they're free-spinning. Very sharp!

Now Ratchet's back with even more detail and... GREEN FEET! I matched the metallic green speckled paint the best I could and think I got the screwhole plugs closer perhaps. He has a Ball-jointed neck too.