Custom Ratbat, Transformers Real Gear Figure

Da-na-na-na-na-na-na.... RATBAT! Heh, sorry about that, seemed appropriate at the time. Here's my take on a fan-request, Ratbat styled after the old G1 cassette. He was made from a Night Beat (Booster X-10 repaint) Real Gear figure. I removed the tail section and split it in half, then glued it on to the wings to resemble how the cassete-wings of the G1 figure looked like. His head was made from a Jagun Fighter's head with Barricade's thumbs glued on for ears. I trimmed the 'feathers' under the wings to look more bat-like and everything else was straight repainting. I added a working rubsign to his chest too! You have to remove his head to transform him, and in retrospect I should of added a hinge-joint so he could look up. That way the head -might- fit in closed Mp3 player mode. So here's to you, Ratbat fans who requested this character made!