Rampage: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen

With the Revenge of the Fallen movie we got a whole slew of new characters, some with pretty unique forms of locomotion. Rampage is one of those, essentially a jackhammer/snake type lower body that pogos around. The toy however also allows you to split him into 'centaur' mode with four legs tho he never did that in the movie. Rampage was given the jointed elbow fix (RotF Transformers Fixes) and painted red to match the onscreen version that fought Bumblebee. Speaking of the paint apps, wow, I had a serious undertaking here. Like my other RotF figures Rampage was given the total treatment that included every technique in the book. The blast-base was made from an Unleashed Iron Man base and works perfectly to stand him up in jackhammer mode. Additional wires and tech detail was added on him to fill in gaps. Overall I love this guy's design and hope they make a Robot Replicas version of him!


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