Custom Classics Punch/Counterpunch Doublespy!

Anyone remember this guy(s)? It's Punch/Counterpunch, the G1 Doublespy! His Transformers Wiki link describes him as a nervous wreck, and I can see why. That's what happens when you have to be two-faced to your Autobot buddies, heh.

Punch (and/or Counterpunch) was made from a Classics 2 Universe Sunstreaker. Sunstreaker just happens to have arms that can articulate both ways and knees with dual hinges. This means a completely different bot-mode when you spin some parts around.

His head was created from a movie Incinerator and Microman head, shaved in half and stuck together. I had to really work on that so the head still slid down into his chest via the transformation gimmick. A slick paint job later and he, er, they were done! Enjoy