Custom Psylocke (Crimson Dawn Shadow) Figure

Here's a variant Psylocke that you won't see on the shelves! After being exposed to the Crimson Dawn back when Sabertooth almost killed her in the Uncanny X-Men series, Psylocke took on a 'Shadow Form' of sorts. I used a ML15 Wasp body instead of just Psylocke because I needed a smoother form. The hips and waist have been sanded down and all the joints were covered. I used Psylocke's head and gave her the nifty 'glowing eye' effect and the Crimson Dawn mark. She's been airbrushed a base black then given a dark blue 'outline' with purple highlights. Probably my most complex airbrushing to date and looks really cool in person where the paint shifts from black to blue, to the purple. Yeah, I need a better camera that picks up all those tones, heh. Enjoy!