Custom Movie Prowl Transformers Figure

Prowl wasn't in the new Transformers movie, but if he had been, perhaps he would of looked something like this. I created Prowl from a fan-request, a few people wanted me to create a Concept Camaro done as a police vehicle. A few requested it to be Bumblebee as a cop but a new character works just as well. Prowl was born! He is of course made from a 08 Bumblebee deluxe Movie figure, the hands from some Armored Core mecha, the head from High Score (I accidentally destroyed High Score when trying to fix his shoulders, heh) and a custom made lightbar on top from pieces of a Marvel Legends flight stand and a spare piece of plastic. The lights don't light up unfortunately, his arms don't allow for any LED units under the roof, bah! If anyone can figure out a good way to do this, let me know. I used dry-transfer decals to make the letterings and 911 numbers, basic paint techniques and finished him off with a glossy coat. So here he is, movie Prowl!