Cobra Jet Engine Technician 25th Anniversary figure

"I.. I don't know what to tell you Tomax sir, the thing worked fine this morning. We were doing the last run of testing and were about to outfit the Firebat with the new engine. Of course with all this 'secret squirrel' stuff going around it's no wonder... I mean seriously sir, Destro stole this technology from someone in the first place right? Why don't we just kidnap those scientists instead of fiddling with it ourselves? We have a bunch of newbie Cobra Vipers doing parts runs from hangar to hangar, Wild Weasel complaining about all this 'new tech stuff', so who knows what went wrong. Yes sir. Next of kin, understood sir. I'll get the Toxo-Vipers to clean it up right away. No sir, it won't happen again."

This figure was made from:

DVD battle pack Attila the Hun Skeleton
Boots from some random fodder figure
Human Torch flames

I.. I really don't have a good excuse for this figure. Seriously. Sometimes these things just happen, just like sometimes a loose bolt falls into a turbine intake. Things go wrong. This custom is proof of that.

Cobra Jet Engine Technician