Custom Protoform Starscream

Here's Protoform Starscream as you've never seen him before! Protoform Prime and Starscream have been sitting on my desk for a while completly painted black. They were suppose to be my FIRST TF movie repaints but as things happened, everyone requested the normal movie characters first. So poor protos got pushed back, and back, but now they're finished! SS features not one, not two, but SIX different metallic colors! He was painted a base black and drybrushed entirely with copper first. Then aluminum and gunmetal accents were added, orange-steel sections were painted, tarnished gold, and finally argent silver highlights were added on areas like the face, hands, and jet intakes. I crafted a larger articulated claw for his right hand and would of made two except I can't find any of the three other tri-claws from Doc Ock. So I guess that's his 'special feature' for now. Better than missile fingers!