Custom Protoform Optimus Prime

Here's Protoform Optimus Prime as you've never seen him before! Protoform Prime and Starscream have been sitting on my desk for a while completly painted black. They were suppose to be my FIRST TF movie repaints but as things happened, everyone requested the normal movie characters first. So poor protos got pushed back, and back, but now they're finished! Prime sports not on, not two, but EIGHT different metallic shades. Aluminum, steel, metallic blue, neutral steel, tarnished gold, gunmetal, copper, and hammered iron. That's not including the metallic green-fade-to-blue I did for his windows. That was made by putting down a base coat of Argent Silver (brightest silver I have) then clear yellow, then clear blue over that, then more clear blue blended towards the bottom. His basic paintscheme was drybrushed aluminum over black with metallic blue highlights, then glazed with another metallic blend, then the other metallics added on for highlights and solids. WHEW! I decided to leave his eyes red because he's rightly pissed at needing to travel across the galaxy to find the AllSpark. That and I figure everyone else will be painting them blue, heh.

Prime has a removable right hand and a gun made from some Spawn Interlink part and Cy-Com ammo belt that can be attached on. Also what's Prime without that orange sword? That can be attached to his wrist too and was made from some Microman Acroyear weapon. His alternate 'G1' head is a repainted Titanium War Within Prime head. I'm especially fond of how it makes him look regal somehow.