Custom Protoform Bumblebee Transformers Figure

More Protoforms! This time it's Bumblebee as he's seen in the new Transformers Prequel comic. I took a Proto Prime and added Gundam parts to the shoulders, waist, elbows, then watch batteries on the chest for the lights. The head is indeed from a 08 Bumblebee *gasp*! Yes yes, I know, what a waste right? But I do have plans for the 08 body. I wanted the glowing blue eyes however and added little brilliant blue/white pupils. He's been given the same metallic paints as proto prime but in more basic shades rather than adding all the colors. They are all hand mixes too out of Argent Silver, Mithril Silver, Gunmetal, and Steel. I'll add a bit of burnt sienna, clear yellow, or flesh wash to tint them as I layer. Looks like it's working too! Also he has bright blue parts inside the dark sections to simulate the spark-light in the comic. BB features a removable right hand that swaps with the gunhand and new proto-vehicle sections to stand it apart from prime's form made from Microman armor. Every car needs a big bumper, heh. Enjoy!