Custom Protoform Arcee Transformers Movie Figure

Fan-request time! Quite a few people have requested I make a Protoform Arcee based on her IDW Prequel comic apperance and was definatly on my list of new figures to make. She was of course made from the Transformers Movie deluxe Arcee figure but I removed sections like the footpegs, chain, and handlebars because nobody would be riding her (stop chuckling) when she wa a Protoform. To make her look unique I added front armor, wheel armor, some windshield sections, and little 'wings' on the back of the bike to pay homage to the ones she had in her G1 times. Don't ask where the parts came from, they were a mix of loose pieces that range from Microman, Gundam, and Marvel Legends chunks. A quick proto-repainting later and she was finished. Enjoy!